3D Hologram Fan Display

An innovative device that will grab the attention of prospects and increase sales.

Beat The Competition To Grabbing The Attention Of Prospects!

Quality products and services? Check. Attractive packaging? Check. Competitive pricing? Check. Wondering what else you need to get an edge over your competitors, and make more sales?

Everything comes down to getting your prospects into your store. While other businesses are waiting to impress prospects when they come into their store, stay ahead of your competitors by wowing your prospects even before they set foot into your store. Grab their attention and give them something unique to talk about and share with friends with this fascinating 3D hologram fan projector.

Get Holomox 3D Hologram Fan Display

Benefits of Holomox 3D Fan Display

✓ Captivating 3D Effects

✓ Outstanding Flexibility

✓ Extensive Video Library

✓ Cost-Effective Device

How The Holomox Fan Works

The Holomox fan has LED lights attached to its blades and utilizes an advanced LED technology to create a fascinating 3D hologram advertising display of your products and service floating in the air. Check out the amazing videos of the 3D Hologram Fan Display in action, below.  It even looks 10 times better in real life.