What is a 3D Hologram Fan display?

"The Holomox 3D Hologram Fan Display is a new, creative advertising display solution"

Although there are numerous ways to display your business brand and products, it is getting increasingly challenging to stay ahead of the competition. In today’s digital world, traditional display advertising tools, such banner stands, display cases, window signage, and posters are not enough to grab the attention of prospects. Thus, as a business owner, you must find outstanding digital methods for your customers to engage with your products and brand.

The latest and most-creative digital visual advertising tool is the 3D hologram fan display. This advertising tool takes the regular video and image advertising display to the next level, by showing your products in 3D. Here’s a review of the Holomox 3D Hologram Fan Display to help you determine if 3D hologram fan projectors are the perfect advertising display option for your business.

What is the Holomox 3D Hologram Fan Display?

The Holomox 3D Hologram Fan Display is a new, creative advertising display solution in the form of a fan that is capable of creating holographic 3D images and videos floating in the air. You can load hundreds of eye-catching, 3D videos and images of your products on this fan, and project it in strategic places inside and outside your premises.

This 3D hologram advertising display device is 19.6 inches in diameter and has four fan blades on which the LEDs are attached. It runs on CPU QuadCore Cortex A7, and can play 24 frames per second. It also has an 8GB RAM and a standard built-in WIFI card, which can be used to upload the videos and images to be displayed wirelessly over any WIFI hotspot. In addition, it has optional accessories such as, indoor and outdoor transparent covers that protects the fan from potential damage.

How the Holomox 3D Hologram Fan Display Works

It’s odd to think of a fan as something that serves a purpose other than cooling the environment. But the Holomox 3D Hologram Fan Display can certainly be used to showcase videos and images, and here’s how.

The Holomox fan works by creating an astonishing illusion using advanced LED technology with LED lights attached to the fan blades. The images and videos to be displayed are uploaded on the fan’s (device) memory via Wi-Fi, using a smartphone app. Then, the holographic 3D images and videos are displayed as the fan blades spin at high speed; and the 3D video or image is seen to be floating in the air because the hardware is virtually invisible.

Why Use the Holomox 3D Hologram Fan Display

The Holomox device is an outstanding 3D hologram fan projector that can benefit your business greatly. This unique device enables you to stand out from the clutter of competitors that utilize regular display advertising to promote their businesses. Its uniqueness creates curiosity and grabs the attention of prospects, thereby spurring impulse buying, increasing sales, and improving brand awareness.

Also, if it is used at tradeshows or anywhere outside your business location, it will drive traffic to your stall and business. Outlined below are the features and benefits of the Holomox 3D Hologram Fan that makes it the ideal display tool for your business.


Top Notch 3D Effect

The Holomox 3D Hologram Fan Display creates high-resolution 3D images floating in the air that grabs attention. The 3D effect is top-notch, with no borders and background, which makes it look like your product display is completely suspended in the air. The displayed images and videos are also very clear with no flicker and ripple, as well as bright and visible, even in broad daylight and spaces flooded with artificial light.

Flexible Control

You can connect to the 3D hologram device and control your display advertising via different methods. This include, connecting via Cloud Wi-Fi, and the Android and iOS application. The device can also be connected and controlled using the WeChat mini-program, which only requires a QR code scan. Furthermore, the management of the device can be shared amongst several users, and groups can be created to manage several devices from one centralized location.

Extensive Video Library

Holomox offers a vast collection of hi-resolution 3D videos in its library, with every 3D hologram advertising display. You can select a suitable video for your business from this extensive library, if you can’t create your own 3D videos or images. You can also request for custom videos and images to be made, specifically for your business, by the design team at an affordable price.

Fast Content Upload

If you have your own content (video or image), you can upload and play them directly without needing to convert them. The device works with standard formats such as MP4, AVI, RMVB, MPEG, JPEG, GIF. You can do this quickly via the WeChat mini-program, as well as the Android and iOS app. This is done with the built-in WiFi of the 3D hologram device which uploads the content by connecting to your mobile phone or any Wi-Fi hotspot.

Easy Setup

The 3D hologram fan display has a simple design that you can install by yourself easily. Unlike most other display advertising tools, you don’t have to hire someone to install or maintain the device. It also does not require any special glasses or equipment to project on. Although it comes with a wall mount bracket, there are other optional accessories to meet any installation requirement such as a 3-foot stand, wall, and ceiling extension bracket for vertical or horizontal structures, outdoor and indoor covers for protection, and more.

Uses of the Holomox 3D Hologram Fan Display

The Holomox 3D Hologram Fan Display help attract attention, as well as provide the necessary information needed to convince prospects to become paying customers. It can be used for new products launches, brand advertising, products in-store showcase, daily promotions display, tradeshows exhibition, and more.

Thus, it can be used in numerous industries and by different business to advertise their products and services effectively. To highlight a few, the Holomox 3D Hologram fan display can be used by;

  • Retail stores and malls to display their products
  • Bars and nightclubs to share their latest drink mix
  • Hairdressing salons to show off the latest hairstyles
  • Jewelry stores to showcase their latest collection
  • Car dealership to highlight the features of their new vehicles
  • Corporate companies to display their logo, and more.


The latest, creative display advertising tool for promoting your business effectively is the 3D hologram fan display device. It can help you stand out from your competitor, grab the attention of prospects in and outside your business, and consequently increase sales and improve your brand awareness. If you’re looking for a way to draw attention to your business, as well as enable your prospects to engage with your products, browse through our store today to order the Holomox 3D Hologram Fan display.